Why You Are Overweight After Diet And Exercise

Even after diet and exercise, you may find that you are still overweight. At this stage, there is no doubt that you will wonder the reason why you are still overweight even when you have done diet and also exercise regularly. Let’s read this following information to learn more about this one.

Reasons Why You Are Still Overweight After Diet And Exercise

Well, there are actually some reasons that may make you are still overweight after you have tried to do the right diet to decrease your weight and do exercise on a regular basis. Let’s find the list of the reasons as follow.

  • Calorie Intake

Are you sure that you have limited the intake of calorie you take in a day? Even when you take a healthy food for your diet, you may not think about the amount of calorie that each of the food provides to you. You are better to limit calorie, but do not reduce it too much as well.

  • You do exercise with empty tummy

Do you usually do an exercise with empty tummy? Then, it can be the reason why you are still overweight after you have done exercise. It is better for you to do exercise just after you have recharged your energy. Do exercise without recharge your body first will only make your muscle get bad instead of burning your fat.

  • You do not get enough sleep

Well, you should have enough sleep as well if you want to make sure that your healthy diet and exercise works to reduce your weight.

Now, remember that reducing your weight is not only about you do a healthy diet and exercise. You need to get an adequate amount of sleeping, to watch out your calorie intake and also to avoid doing exercise with an empty tummy.