The Guide To Mywawavisit

When you buy hoagies which is the most popular menu at Wawa or when you purchase the gasoline in its gas station, you will experience many things. Maybe the good ones or the bad ones? Fortunately, now you can share your experience from Wawa at mywawavisit. It is an online survey where the Wawa customers can answer the questionnaire when you visit Wawa. By joining this survey, you can complain or compliment Wawa products and services. If you want to join this survey, you just need several minutes to complete it. But you must have a strong internet connection since you need to restart the survey all over again if you stop in the middle of it.

How To Join Mywawavisit Survey

Mywawavisit is a very easy survey to do. Here’s the guide to join this survey.

  • First, you need to access the official website of this survey. The official one has the famous Wawa logo. Here you can join the survey not only in English but also in another language such as Spanish.


  • Read the Privacy Policy first before you join the survey. For your information, this survey needs you to provide a valid address and contact information if you are the winner of the sweepstake of this survey. So, when you read the Privacy Policy, you have no doubt to give your information.


  • The next thing that you need to do is enter the code. You can get the code from the receipt whenever you purchase something at Wawa. Then, you need to insert the code on the website.


  • Not only the code from the receipt, but you also need to insert the store number as well. You can check the number on the receipt.


  • You can begin to answer the questionnaire.

The mywawavisit survey has good rewards. Make sure to join the survey.