Transformer The Last Knight With Green Robot

regarder transformer the last knightGreen is a great color, especially for the robot. It is very rare color for a robot, and that is why it is exclusive to Crosshair. As a newcomer, there are so many fans who love this guy. It makes sense because Crosshair is cool for both robot and vehicle modes. Therefore, there is no reason to hate it. Furthermore, his personality is also great. The crosshair is absolutely worth to wait in regarder transformer the last knight, and he definitely will play an important role just like usual. As the name suggests, this guy has a special main job that makes him even cooler: sharpshooter.

Crosshair And Transformer The Last Knight

As a new comer, it is surprising that Crosshair has identities that make him stand out among other Prime’s friends. Its physical appearance is absolutely different from other robots because of its coat. Some people may think that it is useless for a robot to have such thing. In fact, the coat actually hides weapons of his choice. Crosshair can grab the pistol and shoot enemies easily without being noticed because of this coat. That is why Crosshair is cool. It is even better because we can see his action in the next regarder transformer the last knight.

For the next transformer, there is a high chance that Crosshair does not undergo any change both physical appearance and personality. His smart move and decision will be helpful for Autobot team, and it is just annoying that we still need to wait until the movie is released. One thing that is expected from the regarder transformer the last knight is the transformation. It is true that we have not seen any transformation of Crosshair between the vehicle and original mode. If that happens again, it will be such disappointment because Crosshair is definitely awesome Autobot that can beat Bumblebee.