Tips On Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet

Cleaning Cast Iron SkilletWhen you are searching for tips on cleaning cast iron skillet, you may find some which order you to not using steel wool, not using soap or not putting the skillet in your dishwasher. This information is surely able to make you’re scared enough on using a skillet to cook your food. Actually, washing cast iron skillet is not that scary. In fact, there are some simple techniques which we can do in order to cleanse this cookware easily. Considering this fact, here are some of the techniques.

Tips On Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet Properly

In the first place, we need to prepare some of the materials like a sponge, paper towel, vegetable oil, and salt. Once all the materials are ready to use, we can take the cast iron skillet then cleanse it as soon as we finish cooking. In this case, it is crucial to wash it as it is still in the warm or hot condition. On cleaning cast iron skillet, it is also important to avoid drenching without continuing the washing process. It is because the skillet may get rust because of it. After that, we can continue washing the pan by using our hand. Use warm water and the sponge to sanitary the dirt.

Furthermore, it is also essential to know how to remove dirt which is stuck on the pan. If you find such kind of stuck-on food, for example, you can use salt to get rid of the dirt. If you do not want to use salt, you can also loosen the dirt by boiling water in the skillet for a while until the stuck-on dirt removed. Afterward, we should not forget to dry out the skillet. In this case, you can put it on your stove with a low heat while drying it out thoroughly. Those are a few tips on cleaning cast iron skillet.