Honda Civic Car Release Date Specs

carreleasedatespecs.comIn 2017, Honda planned on releasing one of the newer versions of Honda Civic. 2017 Honda Civic will be light weight, racing car type, and always ready for race and acceleration. If you want to know more about 2017 Honda Civic Car release date specs, prices, and performances, then you have come to the right place. Honda Civic versions are about 25 years old, and the latest versions of Honda Civic was released in 1997. Now it’s getting reworked, redesign and made more improvements on technology and design. This newly designed Honda Civic will be much more changes, much more power horse from the engines, Turbocharged and will be the fastest Civic. And definitely, this will be the most powerful car from Honda that was released in the US. And the design surprisingly looks really cool and great.

How About 2017 Honda Civic Release Date Specs And Prices?

The name is 2017 Honda Civic Type R. R stands for Racing, so no wonder, this car will have racing quality from engines, to design. The performances will be awesome, fast, and really great compared to their 1997 Honda Civic. This sports car had at least 300 horsepower from its engine. 300 horse power is quite huge power, and definitely will burden the front wheels, but Honda aware of this problem and created the design to balance the horsepower with aerodynamics. You can see it by the front design. The engine and aerodynamics are great, now about the turbo and the torque. This car will have 295 pounds of torque and the RPM is 2,500 at maximum. It is great you know. And now as for the car release date specs and prices.

Confirmed by Honda, this car will cost you about $33,900 Dollar. Compared to another sport car with racing specifications, it is quite cheap, so you might consider buying this for your sports car. This car already released in the US, and soon will be released in Europe. To know more about New Honda Civic, Visit