Smartphone Tips Slow Down Battery Drain

Smartphone Tips

Smartphone TipsYour smartphone is blessed with a decent amount of battery. Some manufacturer even claims that they have inserted power plant in their smartphone that is equal to the notebook. However, when you try to use the smartphone, the battery drains as quickly as the other phones. There may be a problem from the manufacturer as the claim is not true. However, it may be caused by the users themselves. Some users really do not know some cool smartphone tips that can be extremely useful for saving battery life. The most common things that we have heard so far are by turning off some unnecessary features. So, what are they?

Smartphone Tips For Battery Drain

The first thing that you should turn off is definitely your screen. Your screen is the major problem of your battery drain. The reason is because it consumes so much battery especial if you are trying to put higher brightness level. Therefore, smartphone tips suggest keeping the brightness as low as possible. Even better, it is necessary to put the screen off as often as possible. Meanwhile, it is also recommended to kill the applications that you do not need when you turn off your screen. This one is really necessary because the applications may be hogging both your memory and processor which make them working while consuming the battery.

The next thing that you should turn off is any networking activities. There are so many networking activities that smartphones run. Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC are the examples among other features that consume a great amount of battery. It is highly recommended to turn them off as often as possible. There are still many other things that you can turn off to stop faster battery draining., however, suggest two tips above are enough to make your phone function properly.