Prevention Tips for Cervical Cancer Women Should Know

Some of the women may not aware of one of the most deathly diseases for women, cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by the virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and abnormal growth of cell occupied in the cervix. And, it is wise for women to prevent this serious cancer. This article will help you to educate you how to prevent cervical cancer. And, every woman should do this!

Tips for Preventing Cervical Cancer

Here there are several ways you should do in order to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. The best way to reduce the risk of having cervical cancer is by staying away from infected with the virus. For women who engage often in sexual activity with different partners should use condoms and they may need to change that habit. In fact, it can cause vaginal infection. It is wise for you to do a Pap test which should be done every 3 years. And, if you are diagnosed with cervical cancer, it can be cured with the regular Pap testing. Pap tests involve taking a sample by swabbing the cervix with a speculum, then the sample is looking at the cell under a microscope then check for abnormal growth of cells.

Healthy living is the key to better life. To reduce the risk of cervical cancer, healthy lifestyle takes a major role. Try to not smoking and for those who are smoking should quit immediately. Nicotine and other harmful components contained in the cigarettes will pass through your bloodstream and deposit on your cervix which can cause an abnormal growth of cells. Smoking also suppresses your immune system which can be easily affected by HPV. Eating healthy foods is what you should do! Varieties vitamins including antioxidants, minerals, etc will nourish and keep cells healthy. Doing regular exercise also helps you to avoid overweight which may lead to type 2 diabetes and increase the development of cancer cells.