Prawn And Nutrients In It

Prawn might be a very delicious fish to eat. Many people love to eat prawn so that many of them want to buy the prawn from the supplier. Of course, it also makes the number of freshwater prawn suppliers is increasing. Many people might do not really understand about the prawn, except knowing that this fish is delicious to eat. Do you know that prawn is more than delicious? Do you know that this animal gives you a very good support of protein and another nutrient? To learn more about its nutrient, please read the following explanation.

Nutrition In Prawns

When you are asking about the nutrition in prawn to the freshwater prawn suppliers, you will get the following explanation as your answer:

  • It is a good antioxidant for your body. Of course, when eating prawn, the prawn can be the supply of your antioxidant. You can get two types of antioxidants from prawn, which are the selenium and also astaxanthin. Selenium is a good antioxidant for you that can help you to fight the radical pollutant in your body. It also means that selenium is the antioxidant that helps you to prevent any cancer attack. Meanwhile, astaxanthin is a good supply for your body, as this antioxidant can help you to avoid some diseases that can attack your immune system.
  • It has high protein. By consuming the prawn, you will also get enough supply of protein. So, it will be good for you to earn more protein for your body.
  • It has low in calories. This is the other benefit of eating the prawn, especially for those people who want to do diet in calories, because eating prawn will help you in eating fewer calories.

Those facts about nutrition that can be found in freshwater prawn will be good information for you. For more understanding about prawn, you can visit