Most Popular Tuna In Japanese Cuisine

When we are talking about Japanese cuisine, we will not forget about tuna-like yellowfin tuna and other since this is one of the most usual items that are served in any Japanese restaurant. Despite the fact about its debated source and so on, you may be curious about the different types of this fish which are commonly found in something like sushi, sashimi, and another Japanese cuisine. Now, let’s take a look at this following information to learn some popular tuna types in Japanese cuisine.

Yellowfin Tuna And Other Tuna Used In Japanese Cuisine

In the first place, we can find Bluefin tuna in Japanese cuisine. This tuna is widely fished in the Atlantic. In case of Japanese cuisine, this fish is usually found in top sushi restaurant since it is the one that is considered as the tastiest tuna you can find on this planet. Secondly, we can also discover that our Japanese cuisine has yellowfin tuna. This is the one that is very popular in any causal sushi restaurants you can find out there. If you find a menu with “tuna” named on it, there is big possibility that you will get yellowfin which is either marinated, blackened, seared or simply cooked.

Next, there is also bigeye tuna which is also popular to be used in Japanese cuisine. There are many great recipes that you can find in a Japanese restaurant with this fish as the star. Then, it is also highly possible for you to find albacore tuna when you try Japanese cuisine. This tuna which is more likely to be sold in a can is another one that is easily found in any Japanese restaurant since it is affordable and price-wise. In case you are interested to try cooking one of the tuna types out there, you can get high-quality tuna on