What Should Parents Do for Their Children with Anxiety?

Mental problem is one of the most dangerous conditions in the human body. It seems still difficult to notice at the first stage for a mental problem. One of the most founded problems in mental health is anxiety. This condition is when one has a stronger feeling of worry or fear affected by the daily activity. People with anxiety have to be concerned since it will kill them time by time when they cannot be helped anymore. Mostly you can find this case in adult life, but children also have the possibility to get anxiety in their young age.

Notes for Parents of Children with Anxiety

If you are the parent of children with anxiety, so you do not need to be ashamed since it is not something that should be ashamed. For the first, you have to try to comfort your child in a different way. Instead of using “There is nothing that should be worried”, you have to make them calm in different steps. In that situation, your child might hear your cheering phrase but her/his brain will not work that way. Then, you can take four steps which are freeze that helps your child get well breathing to converse nervous system response, empathize is the way you can get what your child feel, evaluate is the way you can figure out the solution when your child already in calm condition, and Let Go means for you to get rid of your guilt.

Second, you can highlight to your child is worrying is good since it will help to decrease their feeling of fear. In some facts, a child will grow anxiety from other anxiety. Just tell your child that worry is a normal thing since it is kind of protection mechanism. Actually, there are more ways to help your child with anxiety. You can do that.