Myfamilymobile Activation And Login


myfamilymobileIt is no secret that it is impossible to enjoy particular service before we activate the service. It is the same with MyFamilyMobile. It is not possible for us to enjoy this Wallmart mobile service before we are opening an account for the service. Fortunately, it is not a hard thing to do. You just need to follow a few steps before you can activate then login to your own account. If you are curious about the way to activate the service, you can check the steps as follow.

How To Activate And Login To Myfamilymobile

Before we have access to login to this service, it is a must for us to activate the account first. To open up an account, you have to give it a visit. By visiting the website, you will find the menu to activate an account. There will be some menus available in MyFamilyMobile homepage, you just need to hit the “activate” menu to continue to the activation process. After that, you need to choose phone type. It is possible to use your current handset or using Family Mobile handset. If you think that it is better to use your current handset, don’t forget to purchase Family Mobile card first before attempt the activation process.

Afterward, you need to enter your number and also IMEI. Don’t forget to type the activation code as well in the available field. You can find the code in the SIM or Family Mobile phone package. After fulfilling all the fields, you can activate the account. Now that you have activated the account, you will be able to sign in to the account later on. You can use several methods to log in. You can login to your Facebook account, by entering your email address or by entering your phone number. Finally, you have known how to activate and log in to MyFamilyMobile.