Is The Catfish Supplier Legal?

Do you have a business which requires more smoked Catfish for it? Well, if you are looked for the smoked Catfish suppliers, you just have to find the trusted and legal suppliers one. You may find many suppliers near you but do you know that they have a legal document for their business or not?

Important To Ask The Suppliers About The Legality

For this problem, the only way you should ensure that the smoked Catfish suppliers are legal or not by asking them about the legality of their business. You can ask them to show you whether they have registered them shelves to the certain government to make sure that they have a license to run their business as well. Especially they should have a license from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency for their food business.


If you wonder, why you should ask about its legality business first because you should be careful to the business which doesn’t have any kind of license for their food business. There are some reasons who can lead you to choose the Catfish suppliers which have the license. The Reasons are:

  1. Every time you want to choose the food suppliers, you should ask them about the license that they have. You can see what kind of licenses that they use and you should know whether they have a license from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency. It is to make sure that they use the safest ingredients to make their products.
  2. By having the license or any legal documents to their business, you can trust them and you can’t worry about anything related to the law.

Those are the main reasons why you should choose the Catfish suppliers which have the legality of their food business. It is also to ensure you can get the healthy product as what you expect from the healthy fish like our business