Do All House Must Have Patio?


patioThis answer is not really. The patio is recommended for people who live in big city with hot weather and so crowded. It can make People so relax after daily activity because the purpose of the garden is to make people more relax and comfortable. It can also add some chair and table so people can more comfort and relax. For this time park, not just garden in the house but it more than that. It can be space to a meeting or maybe held BBQ party with family, friend, or maybe work partner. In aesthetic matter, for people who look at it, for the first time, they will feel Spatial Surprise people feel excited because of it so happily in the covered room.

How to Arrange Our Patio?

Some People may have a question, how to arrange effective garden park? Before you decided to arrange park first thing important is how much wide your house. If your house has <200m small park is effective for your house. However better if the park has an area less than 3×4. If made less than that its design should be more careful so sunlight can through. Patio in a garden which has a small area should have a lot of plants and make a good arrange so the plant can grow well. Put plant small bush in a pot or might add little plant flowers.

Park is also can add small pond and add some fish to make pond more natural. A pond can be put to the center of the park or maybe you can put beside it. You can add water fountain to your pond so fish get more oxygen. The water fountain also makes your garden more naturally. If you want, you can add some decorate light so you can enjoy your plant or pond at the night with your family or your friend. That’s all little tips to arrange your patio.