Getting Bored? Try These Android Fun Apps

Are you searching for an Android app which is able to help you kill boredom or get rid of your stress? You are at the right place. You should not worry because we have prepared a list of fun Android apps including Mobdro that you can launch when you want to kill time. So, let’s check this out!

App 1: 9GAG

Let’s begin from 9GAG. We are sure that you have known about this platform really well because we can find it anywhere throughout the social media. But, you can actually download the 9GAG app so that you can easily find any meme, funny video and picture, GIF and other things that will help you to laugh and kill the time.

App 2: Voice Changer Fun

It is a fun app that will make you laugh because of the silly voice it produces from your own voice. By this app, you can record your voice then substitute the voice into robot, alien, kid, ghost, bee and even monster.

App 3: TV Streaming

Mobdro is a TV streaming app which helps you to kill boredom. It is a useful app which will make you be allowed to watch any video you love including TV channels. This streaming app is free so you can use it freely.

App 4: PiVi And Co

Next, there is also PiVi and Co which is able to make your photo funny. You can make your face into the ugly face, fat face and also make you bald. It will be a hilarious app to kill your boredom.

App 5: Fake Calls

There are many apps that offer you fake calls ability just like TV streaming app which is not only Mobdro. So, you can simply choose the one you love. You can prank your friend using this app and make it seems real for the receiver.