Foods To Eat For Depression

Are you feeling blue? Well, you are actually not alone. We cannot deny that many people in our country are seeking for antidepressant medication which makes it as one of the most prescribed drugs taken in every year. It is even said that one out of 20 persons in this country is suffering depressive symptoms which means that this problem is highly concerned by many people around us. When it becomes your problem as well lately, this following information must be helpful for you to fight depression and stress.

Foods You Can Eat To Prevent Depression

First of all, we have salmon which is known to be a great food to reduce depression. There have been quite of many studies that report the consumption of this food to be good for those who are fighting depression. It is because the food becomes a good source of amino acid tyrosine. Second, there is also water that is able to make your mood better. When carbonated and also sweetened drink is able to increase the risk of depression, water will be a solution to make you stay hydrated and decrease the risk of being depressed. More interestingly, it can also make sure our body’s well-being.

Afterwards, we also have yogurt which is able to reduce the symptoms of depression. It is thanks to yogurt that makes it able to boost our mood by producing and delivering serotonin as well as other neurotransmitters. You can now add yogurt to your smoothies and salad to boost your mood. Then, you should not forget cashew as well. When low intake of magnesium is linked to depression, making sure that you have enough intakes of magnesium is a good idea. In this case, you can eat cashew as one of the foods that have a high amount of magnesium.