Five Different Types of Medical Facilities

Thanks to the development of health care system, people are now having various choices in health service. This includes the consideration of choosing which health care is suitable for the condition. This article will provide a better understanding about each types of medical care facilities to make sure you make a correct decision.

Health Care Facilities Types

The following list will describe briefly about each types of health care facilities:

  • Nursing home: this facility is designed to accommodate patients that do not have to be hospitalized, but cannot be taken care at home and need constant care. The patients are mostly senior citizens who need custodial care. However, it can serve patients from all ages.
  • Urgent care clinic: this facility provides basic and immediate medical care for those who cannot go to doctor’s office. It is also commonly known as walk-in clinics. This facility offers immediate outpatient care.
  • Doctor’s office: this facility provides one or multiple doctors to give treatments to the patients. It usually focused on one type of treatment. The medical practitioners are either those who practice common specialty or general practitioners.
  • Ambulatory surgical center: this facility is designed to perform surgeries that are too complicated to be done in doctor’s office, but simple enough so the patients do not need hospital care after the surgery is done. This is a cheaper option of a hospital.
  • Hospital: this facility provides both short and long term care for patients with serious health problems resulting from genetic anomaly, disease, or injury. It provides specialists, skilled nursing personnel, medical technicians, specialized equipment and health care administrator.

The list above already explain the health care facilities type that commonly exist in our society. By understanding each types of facilities, you can choose the best service according to your health condition, type of care needed, and the insurance coverage.