Factors Of Increasing Shrimp Export Indonesia

Why Indonesia became the largest shrimp exporter in the world and can compete closely with China? Are the factors that cause Indonesia to compete in the marketing and export of shrimp in the world? The answer is the great potential of Indonesia and the luck to be a country that is very rich in its natural potential. Actually, Indonesia is a country capable of supplying various natural products that many to other countries in the world. Whether in terms of plantation or the results of marine Indonesia is the most favored country in the problem of natural products, the proof of Indonesia to be an exporter of shrimp to various countries in the world. One of the factors that led to the increase in Indonesia’s shrimp export power is the abundant marine potential for shrimp, as well as the increasing demand for consumers. Even in various countries make shrimp as a favorite food and many like it.

Competition Exports Indonesia With Other Countries

In terms of exporting natural products such as shrimp from Indonesia’s oceans, these days are experiencing intense competition with other countries such as China. Although Indonesia is the largest exporter of shrimps to the United States, China now follows the ways from Indonesian in terms of shrimp exports. But even so, Indonesia still dominates the world in terms of exporting natural products such as spices and also its marine products such as fish and shrimp. But in general, Indonesia as a developing country is able to compete with other developed countries in terms of cooperation in the world with various developed countries and country’s title superpower state.

As quoted in www.indonesianshrimpsuppliers.com, To be able to compete with other countries in exporting seafood such as shrimp, Indonesia will certainly increase the quality of the shrimp. Not only the number of reproductions but also further improve the quality of the shrimp both in terms of health in consuming it and also the quality when the shrimp will be processed by various methods