Choosing Fish From Catfish Supplier

If you have restaurant business specialized in catfish, you will know that buying, preparing, and serving the food can be quite hard. Especially when choosing catfish from catfish supplier. In today’s post, we decided to give tips on choosing fish for your restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you buy the fish from local fish market or supplier. But today’s post will talk specifically about fresh catfish. There are many restaurant owners who still prefer fresh over frozen catfish. Check the tips below.

Choosing The Best Fish From Catfish Supplier

Since we live in a country that known as a global leader, our country also responsible for managing fisheries. Buying fresh seafood from local catfish supplier has gained popularity. Moreover, there is local food movement that makes our society become more aware of how much fresh food has better taste. Serving seafood that the ingredient sourced from nearby cities or countries will just make the price go higher than serving with fresh fish from the local market. Most customers will choose to pay local ingredient since the price is cheaper. You need to know the characteristics of fresh catfish.

Fresh catfish is not fishy nor sour. The smell of fresh fish should be like cucumber or seawater smell. Fresh catfish should have unmarred and firm flesh. Moreover, the exposed flesh doesn’t have traces of burning.  You can also judge the freshness by looking to the eyes. If the eyes are clear and slightly bulged, then it’s fresh catfish. You can tell that is not a fresh catfish if the natural color and marking are faded.

It’s better to buy fresh catfish since you don’t have to pay more for shipping. Moreover, not every people want to spend their time to unthaw. If you want to buy fresh fish from catfish supplier, you can check The freshness is still good as ever.