Causes You Live With One Lung

one lung

one lungYou do not have normal live as before because now you only live with one lung although you still can-do inhale and exhale process. You may curious why your friend or people around you have one lung and what makes they must remove one of their lungs. If you aware of yourself before, you will life in a healthy lifestyle so now you can still have both of your lungs.

The Reason You Live With One Lung

There are many reasons why people must remove one of their lungs and they must hardy to live with one lung well. The first reason is that their lung is being infected that may cause by bacteria that spread in the lung or because you breathe chemical substance in your work field that makes your lung condition become worse. Carcinogenic substances also make your lung condition is worse because it will damage the cell and break the electron in your lungs. The carcinogen material can be found in the fumes, radiation, and x-ray. The sunray and anything that make your lung is not free from radical substance.

Lung cancer is the condition where your lung is broken so you must remove your lung. The biggest cause of cancer in your lungs is from the fumes that produced by a smoker or cancer that infected second-hand smoke or people who do not smoke but they inhale the fumes. Then, if you have cancer genes, it does not mean that you must have lung cancer because of your old generation produce cancer in your DNA. If you have a healthy life and you stay away from a smoker or anything that causes cancer, you can keep your lung is healthy, by that you do not need to remove your lung because cancer does not develop in your body. You must have a healthy life so you will not live with one lung.