Correctional Services Learnership Requirements

Correctional Services LearnershipIt is not a secret anymore that the problem of unemployment can be serious things for all countries in the world. That is why the government of South Africa now has Correctional Services Learnership. What is it? It is the program from South African DCS (Department Correctional Services) that is for those who need a job. In this case, all people who have passed the program they will sign a contract and then work in the place having been decided by government. If you are interested in applying the learnership, actually there will be the requirements as follow.

Some Requirements for Applying Correctional Services Learnership

In this case, there will be some requirements that should be required by all of the applicants. Hence if you want to join this program of Correctional Services Learnership, here are the things which must be prepared. For the first one is you are the citizen of South Africa. Those who are not, of course, they cannot apply this learnership. Then, it is a must as well for the applicants to have Grade 12 certificate. Besides another certificate should be required like Education and Training Certificate and National Certificate Vocational Studies.

Then about the age, here not all ages are able to apply for this program. Those who want to join it should be between 21 and 35 years old. Actually, in those ages, people are in the productive stage so that it will help the government to find the best employee. After that, you also do not have a criminal record. Talking more about the requirements, those who will apply Correctional Services Learnership actually must have such a strong character which is needed in the workplace. When you have all of the requirements above, now you are ready to apply for the program in November to December.

How to Pay Your Mykohlscharge?

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