Brand New Honda Civic 2018

2018 Honda

2018 Honda

Honda is planning to release the brand new redesign, and upgraded versions of the popular hatchback and sedan car, Honda civic. Now, today, we are going to introduces you to the hatchback versions, the brand new 2018 Honda Civic SI. Honda hopes that this brand new Honda Civic SI will compete well against a lot of sporty hatchback car, and it can obtain a lot of popularity from international car market all over the world. Well, if you are Honda lovers, then you need to watch for more info about this car. There are already a lot of car reviews website that already had new Honda Civic 2018 info, performances leakage, specs info and many more. Well, bellows here, we are going to give you info about brand new Honda Civic specs, performances, price and release date.

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The older versions of Honda Civic SI are released back in 2017. Now, the newer 2018 Honda Civic SI will obtain a lot of upgrades, improvements, and several changes too. Firstly, the exterior of new Honda Civic Si will look much sportier, cool, and also aggressive. This 5 door hatchback will look sportier compared to older versions, and a lot of changes too, such as chrome piece, horizontal bars, upgraded bumpers, and style redesign. Now, for the interior, the interior will now look fresher, a lot of redesigns, and upgraded features like next generation navigation, entertainment system, and also comfortable cabin.

The price for this brand new Honda Civic will vary, depending on base model and trim. The base model will cost you for at least 24,000 dollars, while for the upgraded models, you will need to buy it for more than 35,000 dollars. Well, now for the release date, Honda is planning to release this brand new 2018 Honda Civic SI in middle of 2018.