The Answer What Is Umrah /Hajj

how to perform umrah / hajj step by step

how to perform umrah / hajj step by stepAre you curious about what is Umrah /Hajj? How to perform it? And When we can do hajj? Umrah/hajj is the most sacred worship in Islamic religion. Both of them is a pilgrimage to holy city of Mecca, especially to Kaaba. Kaaba is the center of Muslim prayers. It also believed as the home of mighty Allah and the center of the world. Kaaba is built by prophet Ibrahim and his sons. Ever since then, this building had become the center of Muslim prayers. There is a difference between Umrah and hajj. And what is the difference between them? We will talk about the answers bellows.  

What Is Umrah /Hajj Exactly? And What Is The Difference Between Them?

What is Umrah /hajj exactly? How do we the hajj?  As we stated above, Umrah/hajj is the biggest Islamic worship. Every Muslim wants to do hajj in their lifetime. Umrah and hajj are different. We can do Umrah and visit Kaaba at any time of the years. But we can do hajj only in Dzulhijjah month. This is the month of hajj in the Islamic calendar. We can only do hajj at this month. During this month, every Muslim in this world will gather at Mecca to perform hajj. The step of performing hajj is more complicated and longer than usual umrah.

The Muslim that can’t do hajj at Dzulhijjah month will celebrate Eid days. This is the day of celebration of every Muslim. They cook a lot of food, share it with a neighbor and poor people. This is happy and sacred days This day, every Muslim also pray for the safety of Muslim in Mecca that performing Hajj at that time. In conclusion, what is umrah /hajj? It’s a sacred worship in the Islamic religion, that every Muslim in this world always wants to do it at least once in their lifetime. It isn’t easy to do Hajj, but every Muslim want to do it.