Annoying VA You Must Avoid

Have you ever heard about Bonzi Buddy? If you have ever heard about this software, you may be familiar with all of those criticisms that are thrown toward this software. Despite the problems, there is still the reason why we may like to try downloading this software for free. However, before it happens you may want to know some other annoying virtual assistant that is problematic than helpful.

Here Are Several Annoying Virtual Assistants

  1. Electric Love Potato

This site is considered as one of the most problematic VAs that is more useless than useful for the users. It does not show you cute potato animation or something, just potato that makes your work gets worse in some cases. It will be better if we never try to download this kind of software if we count on the review.

  1. BonziBuddy

BonziBuddy as known as Bonzi Buddy is another desktop assistant which will make you get confused because it is quite annoying. Well, it may help you by throwing jokes when you get pressured on working with your job, it may be able to sing for you and so on. However, ads and other things may only make you feel disturbed than helped.

  1. Talking Moose

This assistant is more like talking agent than an intelligent helper for you to finish your tasks. it is quite similar to the previous one since it says jokes and weird remarks at a random time.

Those are a few annoying desktop assistants which are taken as problematic software than the helpful one. If you want to prove how much annoying the assistant is, you can download the software on the third party source or on its official site. If you need to learn further about the software especially the Bonzi one, click on the following link: