Android Nougat Update 2017

android nougat

android nougatIf you use the Smartphone then you must be familiar with this name called Android. By the way, have you known what exactly android is? Android is an operation system that which is based on Linux. Usually, this operation system will be used in Smartphone, tablet, and also a cellular phone. So, far Google Inc has released many version of Android, and for the latest is android nougat. Well, here you will be given info about the android nougat update. This must be very important for you to know. You need to deal with the technology information so that it will be easy for you to choose what best for you to use.

Detail Of Android Nougat Update

This nougat has the most advanced android operation system because it is the latest that will give several new features to apply for you. You should know there will be several new features, and here you will get to know them. First, in this nougat, you will be able to move the text from one window to another in multi-windows mode. Well, this is the example of android nougat update. Like anytime you want to copy a text from chrome to email in Gmail application. You can copy that text from Chrome to Gmail as easy as doing the drag and drop.

The next feature that comes in this android nougat is that option to choose a picture as lock screen has been available. Now you should not be that difficult in changing the lock screen from photo viewer application. In this android nougat update, you are able to make a picture to be your wallpaper, but there is the choice of tap on the lock screen. Well, that’s all for today about the update from android nougat. You may try this operation system now because it has released and enjoyed several new features.