Aerocoat The Best Garage Floor Coating

best garage floor coating

best garage floor coatingAerocoat may not have the huge reputation for epoxy coating, unlike his rival in painting and resins industry Rust-Oleum. For the best garage floor coating products, Aerocoat has one of the products that can compete with his competitor. If we compare the reputation with Rust-Oleum brands, Aerocoat may lose. But with the quality products and satisfied customer, right now, they’re one of the leading brands in the epoxy coating world. They have years and decades of experience in formulating the solutions and resins to make a reliable, beautiful and easy to install resins and paints. With the secrets formula and decades of experience, no wonder they are the trusted brands in epoxy coatings.

Can Aerocoat Compete With Other Big Brands For The Best Garage Floor Coating?

The Aerocoat High Build, one of their products had an excellent aspect for garage flooring. It’s highly durable with the concrete style finish. It’s little more expensive though, but it’s worth it for the additional price. It’s also premium products with a premium price tag. The exclusiveness is made them considered as a best garage floor coating. It’s very easy to install it. But once the epoxy parts are mixed, you only have 45 minutes to install it on your garage floor. The good things about this product are it comes all in one. When you buy this product, you will get an epoxy mix along with rollers, mixing stick, sand, gloves, even the big bucket for epoxy mixing. It also covers a large area. It provides enough materials to cover up one big car garage.

The only problems in this product are, you only get 45 minutes to apply it on your garage floor. Once the chemical reaction started, you need to rush and get your coating done fast. It’s not really difficult for a small garage, but if you have a large car garage, it can be quite rush. You need to 100% ready before mixing the materials, otherwise, you will run out of time to cover your garage. It only has one problem but has many strong benefits. It’s deserved to be a best garage floor coating products.