3 Types Of Most Popular Seaweed

Do you like seaweed? You can take raw seaweed or even other products made from seaweed. In fact, seaweed itself has high nutrients. Moreover, it has rich minerals which are good for your health. In Indonesia seaweed farming, there are so many types of seaweed that can be found. You can easily find the fresh or the dried one. Mostly, you will find the dried one since the fresh seaweed is still too difficult to find. Then, do you know about some types of seaweed? Yes, there are some types of seaweed which are perfect as your main menu.

Types Of Seaweed With Excellent Nutrients

If you are curious about the process of seaweed production, so you can get more information from Indonesia seaweed farming. For basic information, you have to know some types of seaweed. Here are some types of seaweed and their benefits for your health:

  • Kombu

Kombu or Laminaria japonica is one of the seaweeds which has a savorier flavor. For the health benefits, Kombu contains high iodine. This iodine is good for controlling your metabolism. Moreover, the kelp of Kombu is rich in fucoidan which is good for your blood vessels.


  • Wakame

Wakame or Undaria pinnatifida is a seaweed that has the flavor of salty-sweet sensation. The certain research found that wakame has good benefit to prevent osteoporosis. It contains magnesium and calcium. Moreover, the pigment of wakame which is fucoxanthin is to improve the insulin resistance.


  • Nori

You must be known this seaweed well. Nori is the most popular seaweed among other types. It has a mild earthy taste which is usually made for dried seaweed. There are some nutrients which are contained in this Nori. It has higher Omega-3 fat than avocado. To find the best one of nori, you can find it form Indonesia seaweed farming.