3 Important Steps To Cure Infantigo

Infantigo or impetigo is not easy to detect. It has a common symptom of other skin problem and infection. Rash skin and blister are two main symptoms of this skin problem.

Check The Condition

For the first step when you get symptoms of infantigo is make sure that you get right to diagnose. To check the right symptoms, you can follow these ways:

  • Know the symptoms

To avoid wrong, diagnose, you have to get right symptoms. Rash and blister are not the symptoms of impetigo. You have to check more on the details symptoms.


  • Don’t touch the infected area

If you still have no idea whether you get impetigo or not, so make sure that you did not touch the infected area. Since impetigo can spread easily, you cannot touch it to avoid the spreading.


  • Ask the doctor

To make it sure, you can go to the doctor to get right diagnose and treatment.

Treat The Infection In Right Way

For the second, you have also get treatment for your impetigo. After going to the doctor, you have to do these treatments:

  • Get rid the scab

You can use a wet cloth to get rid the brown scab around the infected area.


  • Cleanse the infected area

After removing the scab, don’t forget to clean the infected area with mild soap and water.


  • Apply the antibiotic

After cleansing your skin, you have to apply the antibiotic ointment routinely.

Do Prevention

After the symptoms disappear, don’t forget to take prevention. Here are some preventions for infantigo:

  • Avoid the direct contact with other people since you can spread the impetigo or even get infected again
  • Cleanse your body and hand routinely with soap and water to get rid the bacteria
  • Keep your house clean, so there will be no bacteria come again to your skin as well