2019 GMC Sierra Review And Specs

The hype of upcoming 2019 GMC Sierra release date is worthy enough for us to take a look at the updated news about this car. It is said to be one of the best models that you can expect from GMC in the upcoming season. It is promised to offer you several changes compared to the last update. For more information about this car, let’s check this out!

What’s New In The Upcoming 2019 GMC Sierra

Actually, there are several new things that we can expect from the new 2019 Sierra. We can expect for newest design and style as well as any other thing related to its performance. When it comes to the design and style, the exterior of the upcoming Sierra can be taken into focus because there will be some changes applied to the exterior.

Following the change in the exterior, the interior of new Sierra is also expected to be upgraded. Before the 2019 GMC Sierra release date, it is safe for us to expect for an upgrade since it will be good if there is new thing available for the new car. In case of the interior, improved convenience and comfort is very awaited by the fans of GMC Sierra.

2019 GMC Sierra Specs And Review

Then, how about the specs of the new Sierra? In case of the specification, we can expect for the new turbocharged engine which is going to substitute the last 6.2L V8 engine and 5.3: The V8 engine. Afterwards, the transmission applied to the car is expected to be auto 10-speed transmission which promises better fuel economy.

The last, you may like to know when it will be released in public. It is suspected to release in public during the next Detroit motor show in 2018. So, you can look forward to the schedule of 2019 GMC Sierra release date soon.